Sunday, March 2, 2008

New shop item: pink briolette earrings

Today's new shop addition is the "Lourdes" earrings, named after my grandmother and my aunt (not the same person!). She features three sparkly, luminous pink briolettes each, wire wrapped and dangling from sterling earwires.

More details and pictures of Lourdes are available at the shop!

In very exciting news, I sold five items today!!! A buyer bought three items, the Pamela bracelet, the Claire necklace, and the Ahila earrings. The Ahila earrings seem a popular item (I've sold two now) so it looks like I'll be stocking the shop with more of this item.

Also, my friend Mandy bought the Meridith earrings and matching necklace as a birthday gift for her mom. I feel so touched and privileged at having one of my designs picked for this special occasion.

Thank you so much to both customers!


Highmaintenancemom said...

You are doing so well in the sales department, not that I doubted you one bit! I'm so proud of you!!

Hazel Designs said...

Thank you HMM!!!! That means a lot :)