Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spring countdown

My neighbor's tulips are slowly but surely coming out of the ground! I feel like coaxing them along so they'll hurry it up. You can do it, tulips!

And in another sign of spring coming, the hyacinths in my yard are also coming out!

You can even see the little purple bud already peeking out from its leaves. How exciting!

As I was surveying our yard this morning I was dismayed to note that my two azalea bushes have turned all brown and shriveled up. I think I forgot to fertilize them in the fall in preparation for the winter season, as I was told to do by the nursery guy. I am very fond of my azaleas because I planted them myself with my own two hands the summer after we moved into our house, and I was the proudest little gardener when the flowers actually bloomed in profusion.

But now I'm afraid I have killed them this winter. We will see - I'm holding my breath.

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