Saturday, December 20, 2008

More tradeshows

I just listed the matching Margery necklace in the shop.

Earlier today I braved another tradeshow. I only went because I needed to re-stock some supplies, so I was happy to see that the vendor I usually get my aqua chalcedony brios from was back. I bought a few strands from him, which means I can again offer my bestseller, the Leslie earrings.

I also bought some liver of sulfur, so expect some antique-y looking pieces to appear in the shop soon, as well as Batterns flux and more pickling solution for my metalsmithing. I find that the paste flux I'm using now isn't as good as the Batterns, so hopefully this will make soldering go a little easier. Other than those and just a few more beads (apatite, more chrysoprase, turquoise, and quartz), there wasn't really that much new or exciting in the way of beads and gemstones, so I didn't leave with my usual haul.

And of course, this being the weekend before Christmas (still hard to believe!) all the other places I visited today were total madhouses.


Protege said...

Hazel, beautiful as always.;)
I went to a Christmas marked, where they sold incredible beautiful jewelry (nothing like yours though.;)) But it was SOOO expensive. This sometimes makes me want to start making my own jewelry.;)
If I do not get the chance later, I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas;))

Hazel Designs said...

Protege, I was reading about those Christmas markets in Germany and they sounded awesome - I hope the one you went to was just as great!

And wishing you a wonderful Christmas, as well!

Karmela said...

"Liver of sulfur." Did you get that at the same place you got the "eye of newt" and "tail of dragon?" Is this for Prof. Snape's Potions class, perchance?

Hazel Designs said...

K, I know, it sounds like a Snape potion!