Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twilight Tuesday


Earlier today my friend Jeremy threw my world into upheaval by sending me this news. Seriously?! Apparently, Meyer sold the television rights for 1 million US dollars to ABS-CBN.

I think as a super fan who happens to be Filipina, this news holds significance for me in a way it might not to non-Filipinos. And so these are why I think this latest development is absolutely atrocious:
  1. Stephenie Meyer = super greedy
  2. Edward actor = super ugly (come on, they couldn't find a hotter Filipino actor to play Edward? This cheesy 12-year-old looking boy is the best they could do?)
  3. I have never heard of Filipinos with last names like "Cullen," "Swan," "Hale," "Newton," or "Stanley."
  4. Is this going to be in Tagalog? And if it is, how in the world will my favorite lines sound? How do you even translate "...and so the lion fell in love with the lamb" into Tagalog without it sounding totally lame? Some things just don't translate.
  5. Gabby Concepcion, of all people, is going to be playing Carlisle Cullen. Bahahahahahahaha!
  6. Like a train wreck, I'm going to be compelled to watch this when it comes out, and I just know I'll hate myself afterwards.
  7. And lastly, leave my beloved books and my beloved R-Pattz alone!
I'm just...yeah...

So while I recover from this news, feast your eyes on R-Pattz (the real Edward) with his trademark locks finally chopped off. He kept saying during interviews that he couldn't wait to do this after he finished all the premieres and publicity for Twilight. He looks really good, but he had better start re-growing that hair in time to film New Moon.


Protege said...

I simply enjoy this addiction of yours to the Twilight.;)) It is very contagious.
Have a wonderful holiday week Hazel.;))

Karmela said...

The best part is that Al Tantay, former soft-porn star, will be in it!!! Bwahahahaha!

Okay, here are some substitute Pinoy actors that could be cast as Edward:

Sam Milby
Piolo Pascual
John Avila
Will Devaughn

Hazel Designs said...

Protege, it's coming to Denmark on Feb 9th!!!!

Hazel Designs said...

K, that Sam Milby and Will Devaughn are pretty hot!!